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Selected Youtube traditional Dobro clips.

Check back often, We will be adding many more !



Oswald's Special.   Yours Truly  

End of the World  

I'll Be All Smiles Tonight 

Old Country Church    NEW

      Kansas City Kitty  

    Dobro Chimes  

     Kohala March    

Steel Guitar Rag 

Wabash Cannon Ball 

With Leroy Troy & the Tenn. Mafia Jug Band



Home Sweet Home in "D" Tuning

Slant Chords for Dobro



Jesus Will Outshine Them All.  Roy Acuff 

Crash on the Highway.  Mike Webb & Smokey Mt. String Band

End of the World.  Mike Webb & Charlie Collins

Great Speckled Bird.  Mike Webb & Charlie Collins

Sailing Along to Hawaii.  Mike Webb

              Shackles and Chains  Floyd Jasper & Melissa  

Song of the Islands.  Oswald & Charlie Collins

Beautiful Life. Wilma Lee Cooper with Mike Webb 

Maggie Blues.   Dan Burke & The Hemingway Brothers

End of the World.  Oswald on American Music Shop

How Great thou Art.   Russ Hooper &  Bluestone

A Face in the Crowd  Russ Hooper & Bluestone 

Sunny Side of the Mt.  Russ Hooper & Bluestone 

Various Dobro artists jamming at "The Gathering" 

I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry. Oswald & Roy Acuff 

Flatt Lonesome.  Mary Ann Vaccaro

I'm Thinking Tonight of my Blue Eyes.  Martin Gross

Interview with George "Speedy" Krise






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